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Brazilian Adventure Travel
Brazilian Adventure Travel
Brazilian Adventure Travel
Brazilian Adventure Travel

An Extraordinary Journey

Brazilian Adventure Travel is pleased to offer a journey by private air to visit Brazil's rich and exotic Amazon rainforest. Through a range of activities and adventures, explore one of the most amazing, colorfully and biologically rich environments in the world and simultaneously experience the Indian and frontier cultures of this incredible region. Journey to locations only a select few have had the privilege to encounter.

Trip Highlights
  • Chosen by Outside Magazine as 2006 Trip of the Year - South America
  • Explore up to three different ecosystems, including the Amazon Basin (the world’s richest and most diverse) and the Pantanal (the world’s largest wetland)
  • Experience two different Indian tribes and cultures — Xavante and Kamayura
  • Enjoy once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit and overnight with the Xingu Indians
  • Gain exclusive access to private ranches
  • Journey to remote villages and meet Frontier pioneers
  • Engage in close encounters with endangered giant river otters, pink and gray Amazon river dolphins and perhaps the elusive jaguar
  • Take nature walks and river boat excursions with expert naturalists and Indian guides
  • View the Amazon from a bird’s eye perspective while traveling from camp to camp via private air charter
  • Ride the range with local cowboys
  • Savor sumptuous cuisine using many organically grown items straight from our gardens
  • Extend the trip with an excursion to lively Rio de Janeiro or breathtaking Iguaçu Falls

Prepare to embark on a voyage of discovery and adventure — an expedition and cultural exploration into the heart of the Amazon!

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