This Week's Show Recap:
Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Show #2996
By Michael Z. McIntee

Debra Messing; John Carter; and Tegan and Sara.

PLUS: Great Moments in Presidential Speeches; an angry Barack; a CBS News Special Report; Bush still working hard; a more exciting Presidential Debate; a top ten list; and Alan reveals some secrets of the Control Room.

ACT 6: JOHN CARTER: He's the founder and director of Aliana da Terra, which is a Brazilian land-owner environmental group with its eyes on saving the Amazon Rainforest. John grew up in Texas and after serving in the military, went into farming. How does a Texas farmer end up in Brazil? John says, "a Brazilian woman."

After visiting the Brazilian wilderness a number of times, he fell in love with the area and the two married and moved there and became ranchers. The area they moved to was complete wilderness, a true wild frontier. For the first 6 years of living in Brazil, they had no electricity or phone. And the local government was just about non-existent, changing over with great frequency. We see a photo of a creaky old wooden "bridge" in the area, something you would see in an Indiana Jones movie, though I've never seen an Indiana Jones movie. It's just an example of the incredibly poor infrastructure in the area.

Much of his traveling around that part of Brazil was by airplane since the roads were few. From the sky, John was able to see the rampant deforestation taking place. Thousands of acres at a time were being destroyed. The reason for this was simple economics. Cleared land was much more valuable than wooded land. The local economy had nothing but forests, which were worth nothing. Landowners were destroying their forests for economic reasons, thousands of acres, forests that are known as "the earth's lungs."

John saw the dangers of this and tried to stop it. First he organized a tourist company, Brazilian Adventure Travel, to show people firsthand what was happening. He then realized the only way to stop the landowners from destroying this vital resource was to create an economical incentive to keep it. He formed "Aliana da Terra," Portuguese for Land Alliance, to help the ranchers make a living without having to destroy the forests.

John says if he waited for the government to do something, the rainforest would just about be gone by now. To find out more about "Aliana da Terra," check out:

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